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Marketing Research - 8

Question Correct Answer Your Answer

. Determine the specific data to be sought Statement of
research purpose
. Questionnaire structure Funnel approach
. Physical characteristic of questionnaire Typography
. Pretesting Eliminate flaws

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question Which are the New Delhi based Research Institutions?
Correct Answer NRDC , CSIR , Cement Research Institute of India

Question The National Readership Survey(NRS) investigates :-
Correct Answer Readership by income levels , Readership by Duplication ,

Readership per copy of publication

Question A specific change in lifestyle is indicated by ________
Correct Answer Psychographics

Question Correct Answer Your Answer

. Cluster Analysis Relatively homogeneous

. Regression analysis Relationship between given
variable and no. Of other variables
. Co joint analysis Optimum product design

. Factor Analysis A class of procedures for
data reduction and summarization

Question Report presentation methodology deals with :-
Correct Answer Research design, technique employees and justification
Your Answer Research design, technique employees and justification

Question What is the significance of report?
Correct Answer Quality of report is adjudged by a report , Lead to
appropriate actionable policies and decisions. , For future references as

Question Which of the following are the types of Sales and Market
Correct Answer Market Share Analysis Study , Market Characteristics
Study ,
Establishment of Quota and Territories

Question Vendor evaluation has to be done to select best vendor for :-
Correct Answer Price , Reliability , Credit

Question Following are the characteristics of Factor analysis :-
Correct Answer Uses an advance forms of co-relation analysis to the
responses , Variables that are interrelated and similar are reduced to
smaller numbers
of uncorrelated factors. , The model is primarily based on liner
through which factor loading is derived.

Question Market Research is done to
Correct Answer Explore the Opportunities

Question The objectives of marketing research are
Correct Answer To understand the consumer needs and wants , To explore
new markets , To analyze the competitors

Question In the Funnel approach, specific questions come first and
questions later.
Correct Answer False
Question The client or organization should answer the queries of cost
benefits of research.
Correct Answer True

Question Correct Answer Your Answer

. Post launch research Usage and attitude
. Target respondents Doctors
. Sampling procedure Area sampling
. Pre launch research Clinical trials and

Question For the semantic differential scale the central point of the
is a ________.
Correct Answer Neutral Point

Question Getting the response for television viewership from a group of
respondents over the period of six months is an example of consumer panel
Correct Answer True

Question This question is based on the case study of "BOOK JACKET". The
Publishers found that the market ________.
Correct Answer Was biased towards higher socio-economic group

Question Market Research involves
Correct Answer Collection and Analysis of Data

Question Corollary data in market analysis research is :-
Correct Answer Data related to the product but not about the product

Question Report should be terse and concise.
Correct Answer False
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question A Questionnaire :-
Correct Answer Is an instrument for seeking and recording data ,
a respondent to respond , Facilitates data processing

Match The Following
Question Correct Answer Your Answer

Skewness Symmetric distribution about mean
Array Numerical sequence either ascending or

Simple Tabulation One variable distribution
Cross Tabulation Relationship between two or more

Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Top of mind recall is observed in :-
Correct Answer Attitude Research

Question Projective technique is a subtype of open ended question.
Correct Answer True

Question Sampling in which each element has known chance for inclusion in

the study is known as Probability Sampling Correct Answer True

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question Factors affecting consumer decision process include :-
Correct Answer Economic factors , Intrinsic factors , External factors

Select The Blank
Question Kurtosis is measure of ________ or flatness of curve defined by

the frequency distribution. Correct Answer Relative peaked ness

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question Multidimensional scaling consist of :-
Correct Answer Attribute data , Non attribute data , Similarity and
Question The respondent is shown clippings of advertisements in which
names are deleted. He is then asked to identify the Brand and the media
it appeared. This is known as :- Correct Answer Recognition Test

Question In data analysis simple tabulation shows the distribution of :-

Correct Answer One variable at a time

Question Questionnaire Design is the Integral part of Research Design.
Correct Answer True
Your Answer True

Question Which of the following are the research obligations to the
Correct Answer Honest and clear reporting , Briefing regarding study
limitation , Explanation of Report Conclusions and aiding client's

Question Informal interview is a ________ format of data collection.
Correct Answer Unstructured

Question Which are the Export Promotion Councils?
Correct Answer Cashew Export Promotion Council , Handloom Export
Council , Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council

Question The respondent marks on a continnum between extremes his/her
feelings towards an object. This represents
Correct Answer Scaling techniques

Question Which is the journal available for footware?
Correct Answer Journal of Leather Technologists Association

Question This question is based on the case study of "RESEARCH ON
CONSUMER PRODUCTS ". The company did not have any major threat from
competition in the Indian market.
Correct Answer False

Question Factor loading is the corelation between :-
Correct Answer A factor & a Variable

Question Identification of Target Population is facilitated by :-
Correct Answer Well defined research objectives , Alternative,
reasonable/target population definitions , Specifications for exclusion in
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question "Self Administered" personal interviews are those in which :-
Correct Answer The respondent fills the questionnaire

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