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Marketing Research - 7

Question ________ translates information needs into a set of questions that
a respondent can answer.
Correct Answer A Questionnaire

Question Pie chart is a round chart divided into sections denoting ________
associated with each value.
Correct Answer percentage

Question In industrial product research the research methodologies adopted
are :-
Correct Answer In-depth interviews , Surveys , Application Research

Question In ________ method the research analyst is not concerned with
cause and research relationship.
Correct Answer Diagnostic

Question Recall level of Niram Advertisement can be found out by doing :-
Correct Answer Advertisement Effectiveness Study

Question When company prepares a long range plan it is unpublished internal
source of information.
Correct Answer True

Question Which publications can be used for research on automobile
Correct Answer Auto spark , Automobile Reporter , Auto Age

Question In mail survey, the questionnaire is ________.
Correct Answer Self administered

Question The ________ uses a cartoon format in which one of the characters
is represented as saying something.
Correct Answer Roseinweig test

Select The Blank
Question A factor's eigne value is the sum of________ of factor loading.
Correct Answer Square

Question ________ research describes some aspects of market
Correct Answer Descriptive

 Marketing research Is not a substitute but an Aid to Judgement.
Steps involved in Market research: -
1. Define research purpose / problem
2. Define the research Objective
3. Estimate the value of Information
4. Select the Research Approach
5. Apply research Tactics
6. Compare cost and timings
7. Collect data
8. Analyze and Interpret collected data
9. Make recommendations and conclusions

EXPLORATORY research: - general overview of the situation but don't have any data available.
a. Personal interviews
b. Industry expert views
c. Existing secondary data
d. Qualitative research
e. Pilot survey

DESCRIPTIVE – need to obtain very specific picture of the market. Methods used:
Secondary data

CASUAL – one variable causes or determines the value of the other variables.
Similar like Lab Experimentation.

Motives – are internalized factors that cause people to behave the way they do.

• Consumer inputs
• Industrial users
• Research reports


1) Respondents to indicate their choice by selecting from the options provided –ITEMISED RATING SCALE
2) Respondents to rate the set of items according to their importance – RANK ORDER SCALE
3) Assign points according to their importance – CONSTANT SUM SCALE
4) How much they agree or disagree with the set of statements – LIKERT SCALE
5) Indicate their attitude towards an organization – SEMANTIC DIFFERENTIAL SCALE

 Nominal scales – variables such as age, sex, occupation, religion, brand awareness.
 Ordinal scales – percentile, median and rank order co relation. Customer asked to show his preference for a product. PAGE 46
 Interval scales – attitude, opinions, index numbers.
 Ratio scales –unlike Interval scale doesn't have a Zero value

Types of Questions: -
Open-ended Close ended
• Free response Dichotomous
• Probing ranking
• Projective techniques: Checklist
Like showing objects multiple choices
Scaling Page 70

Probability sampling | Non probability Sampling
 Simple Random | Convenience sampling
 Systematic | Snow ball sampling
 Area sampling | Quota sampling
 Stratified Sampling | Judgement Sampling
1. Systematic – samples selected by applying a regular pattern across the entire population.
2. Snowball – additional set of samples selected based on the initial set of samples
3. Convenience – Easily accessible samples are selected
4. Quota – samples selected including the minimum number from each subgroup in the population. Like Age, sex, location subgroups
5. Stratified – samples selected randomly from the strata's in the population
6. Area – samples selected as entire subgroups within the population.

7. Simple random – Simple random number tables select samples or computer generated lists
8. Judgement – respondents are chosen on basis of convenience or accessibility.

STEPS in data Analysis
Select appropriate method

Multi Linear Regression – relationship between a specific variable and the number of other variables. Ex: dollar sales value of showroom
Co-joint - relative importance of the combination of attributes as viewed by the Customer. Ex: coffee combination with Cappuccino with or without cinnamon.
Factor – reduce and summarize data.
Cluster – sorting data into clusters that exhibit similar characteristics. Helps identify new product opportunity and makes data manageable.
Multi dimensional scaling – represents perceptions and preferences of respondents as data points in geometric space. It identifies attributes and dimensions.

In Delphi method experts or knowledgeable people are invited to give their forecast: -
Without giving reasons
Question Spontaneous response from respondent is possible in :-
Correct Answer Free response questions , Probing questions , Unstructured questions
Ranking Several alternatives compared with each other at same time

Scaling technique Quantify a qualitative data

Double barreled questions Several responses at once

Checklist Check one or more of the responses listed for answers

Question Barometric methods of sales forecasting are :-
Correct Answer Historical analogy , Product like cycle concept , Survey methods

Question Top of mind recall is observed in :-
Correct Answer Attitude Research

________represents a close ended question.

Question How people allocate their time and money to certain products and factors is depicted by
Correct Answer Psychographic Variable

Question This question is based on the case study of "THE BOOKSHOP". What facilitated the idea of starting a copy service ?
Correct Answer Availability of the shop next door on lease

Question In regression analysis, dependent variables can be expressed as a linear function of impendent variables.
Correct Answer True

Question According to Lipstein, rules for minimizing non-sampling errors include :-
Correct Answer Restrict the Questionnaire to data essential to the study , Use the smallest sample consistent with research objective , Sample survey should be as easy to execute as possible

Question Economic indicators in survey method of sales forecasting are :-
Correct Answer Leading , Co-incident , Lagging

Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Retail Store Audit uses :-
Correct Answer Random multistratified sampling

Question In industrial product research the research methodologies adopted are :-
Correct Answer In-depth interviews , Surveys , Application Research

Question The limitations with regression forecasting is that independent variables must be forecasted before forecasting the dependent variables.
Correct Answer True

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