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Consumer Behaviour - 3

1. It constitutes the moral factor of personality:-


2. JND is that difference below which consumer perceives a difference.


3. __________ attempts to define good and bad and induces a person to attain perfection.


4. Name the market whose product has a universal application:


5. Question Characteristics of Reference price :-

Correct Answer Changes, More knowledge less price range

Your Answer More knowledge less price range

6. In Which model, Consumers identifies the attribute of the product he is interested in and assigns weight age?

Lexicographic model

7. In________________ Approach marketers consider rural markets to be totally different from the urban market


8. Select The Blank

Question Individuals have a specific perception and image of themselves called ________.

Correct Answer Self concept

Your Answer Self concept

9. True/False

Question Consumer has a right to voice grievances or suggestions.

Correct Answer True

You’re Answer False

10. Multiple Choice Single Answers

Question It is a method of collecting past and current data by recording information :-

Correct Answer Observation survey

Your Answer Questionnaire method

11. Habit occurs in the absence of

Information seeking

Evaluation of alternatives

12. _________occurs when expected needs of customers are fulfilled


13. Multiple Choice Single Answers

Question What is 'Conative' component of decision making?

Correct Answer Purchase decision

Your Answer Purchase decision

14. It is a malpractice done by supplier to fix price in terms of sale to lessen competition

- Resale price maintenance

15. Lack of customer _________leads to brand extinction


16. Rural respondent generally can't be interviewed individually


17. Superego operates at concsious and uncounsious level


18. Toilet soap brand with higher penetration in india is


19. Question Correct Answer Your Answer

Intuitive thinking Least price conscious Least price conscious

Aggression, hunger, sex Id Id

Sensing-thinking type personality Own decision maker Own decision maker

Sensitive thinking Short term consideration Short term consideration

20. ____________occurs when the consumer gets value from product is more than his expectations.


21. _______ approach does not include the developing of questionnaire and involves less bias

Observation survey

22.Characteristics of rural market are:

Low density of population

Low infrastructure level

23. Type of personality are:



24. Economic factors affecting organizational buying are



25. Brand beliefs are formed by ________ learning in low involvement hierarchy



Self sufficient in food grains at - house hold level

Irrigated land to land dependent on rains ratio - 30:70

Number of villagers with no primary school within 1 km radius - 1.8 lakh villagers

Number of villagers with drinking water problem - 4.5 lakh villagers

27. the most important factor in buying low involvement product is:


28. The production of crops like sorghum, pearl milet, barley and ragi has gone down over the years.


29. Anything which is different from what is normally expected tends to attract attention


30__________color conveys a friendlier message.


31. Question Trait theory is based on the following assumptions:-

Correct Answer Relatively stable behavioral tendencies among individuals, Difference in the degree to behavioral tendencies, Relative differences help in characterizing their personalities

32. Primary data has been collected earlier for some other purpose


33. Question Measures by government to protect the interests of consumer are :-

Correct Answer Expansion of public sector, statutory regulation

Your Answer Expansion of public sector, Expansion of private sector, statutory regulation, Restrictive trade practices

34. Sellers who cater to the needs of buyers in one particular industry is known as __________ market


35. Which of the following refers to those environmental events which increase the likelihood of specific response in the future


36. The percentage of rural population of rural population of total national population is approximately


37. ________________theory is relevant and important for involving products


38. The feeling generated due to Id or superego are ascribed to other person to release tension. This defense mechanism called


39. Multiple Choice Single Answer

Question It occurs when two stimuli are seen as similar and effects of one substitute for the effects of the other :-

Correct Answer Stimulus generalization

Your Answer Stimulus generalization

40. Important steps of cognative process of brand evaluation are

Purchase decision

Evaluate brands

Form brand beliefs

41. Various malpractices prevalent in the society are

High pressure selling

High Price

42. Question Types of restrictive trade practices are :-

Correct Answer Full time forcing, Area restriction, Predatory pricing

43. True/False

Question Perceptual vigilance helps consumers to collect more information on products about their benefits before purchase.

Correct Answer True

Your Answer False

44. Select the Blank

Question Involvement is ________ needs specific.

Correct Answer Consumer

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