Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Property and Liability Insurance - 1.3

  • Principle of ________ arises if the same subject matter is insured with two or more insurers.
  • How does a Civil Liability arise?
    By tort , By murder , By contract
  • Permanent Total Disability Cover' is available under Cattle Insurance by additional premium.
  • ________ insurance takes care of properties like money, plate glass, cattle, television etc.
  • Householder policy is issued for :-
  • The most effective and powerful cause which has brought out the loss is called ________ cause.
  • The legal duty of utmost good faith arises under :-
    Common law
  • When dispatch is at carrier's risk, ________% discount is allowed on applicable rates.
  • Third party liability cover under MCE Policy is
    Upto Rs. 1 Crore
  • A Surveyor is required for assessing the losses exceeding Rs. ________.
  • Which of the following are exclusions to EEI policy ?
    Hailstorm , Malicious damage' , Aesthetic defects
  • Long term policies discount is available under cattle insurance.
  • The total sum insured under section I A i.e. building and B contents of shopkeeper's policy should not exceed Rs.________/-.
    10, 00,000
  • What does Liability Insurance comprise of?
    Product liability policy , Public liability policy , Employers liability (Workmen Compensation) policy
  • Cattle insurance does not cover claim within fifteen days from date of risk covered.
  • Following policies are issued under Engineering department :-
    Errection All Risk , Boiler Explosion , Electronic Equipment
  • In Fidelity guarantee under Shopkeeper insurance, the sum insured is ________ of the sum insured under section 1 or Rs.100000 whichever is less.

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