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Capital Market - 2

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CAPITAL MARKET                                         NOV.,2010

Ques1:- In India there are presently _____ companies, in the business of Credit Rating?
Ans:-   4
Ques2:- Dematerialized shares have distinctive numbers.
Ans:-   False
Ques3:- Sweat equity shares means equity shares issued by a company to employees at a discount.
Ans:-   True
Ques4:- In case  of public issue by a listed company, participation by promoters in the proposed issue in excess of the required minimum % shall also be locked in for a period of ________ years.
Ans:-    1
Ques5:- The person who changes the composition of securities?
Ans:-   Fund Manager
Ques6:-   Qualities of a merchant banker?
Ans:-   Knowledge and information about various aspects of the capital market,
           Ability to evaluate and analyse the various aspects,
           Update their knowledge
Ques7:- Which company come out with a unique product called bonus debentures?
Ans:-   Hindustan lever
Ques8:- The venture capital can flourish only when there is a well developed _______________?
Ans:-   Capital market
Ques9:- The report is required to be submitted to SEBI along with a fee of Rs.________ /report.
Ans:-   10,000
Ques10:- The amount of net worth a company should have for opting for an        IPO is
Ans:-   1 crore  
Ques11:-  BSE introduced an equity stock index known as _________
Ans:-   Sensex
Ques12:- The company should have a track record of dividend payment of 3 years out of the immediately preceding 5 years.
Ans:-   True
Ques13:- Precautions to be taken with respect to delivery instruction slip?
Ans:-   DIS number must be pre-printed, account number must be stamped, target account id be filled
Ques14:- Regulations for venture capital funds are
Ans:-   VCFs must be registered, VCFs cannot carry on any other activity, VCFs  must disclose the investment strategy
Ques15:- Minimum post issue capital of a company should be ?
Ans:-   10 crores
Ques16:- Letter of offer is?
Ans:- document addressed to the shareholders,
 containing disclosures of the acquirer/PACs,
 offer price
Ques17:- HFCs disbursement on project lending is restricted to?
Ans:-   30%
Ques18:-   Match the following:-
                   Business analysis ------   determinates of revenue growth
                   Market position -------- nature and basis of competition
                   Operating advantage-------- technology risk
                   Financial risk --------------- interest coverage
Ques19:- The acquirer is required to appoint _________ before making a PA.
Ans:-       Merchant banker
Ques20:- The right to buy is called ______?
Ans:-   Call option
Ques21:- Regulatory aspects of the mutual funds are/
Ans:-   AMC shall launch no scheme unless the trustee approve such scheme, document of each scheme pay filling fees, offer document shall contain disclosures
Ques22:- The person responsible for maintaining Escrow account in securitisation?
Ans:-   Trustee
Ques23:- _______ is the international credit rating company.
Ans:-   FITSCH
Ques24:-  A Commercial paper is ?
Ans:-    short term financial instrument,
            Means of raising short term debt issue,
             They are negotiable and transferable instruments

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