Monday, July 5, 2010

Total Quality Management - 1

This solved paper has been contributed by Abhimanyu Mohanta

THANKS TO :Abhimanyu Mohanta

Q1 Three keys for leader to create passionate work environment are
a- effectiveness
b- start with self
c- have a vision that produces passion
d- put employees first

Q2 The vision for an institution or organization must
a- be defined in a language that is compelling
b- drives the processes and behaviour of people
c- written in a language that is attractive
d- be displayed at prominent places on the premises

Q3 QFD means
a- Quality function deployment
b- Quality function development
c- Quantity function development
d- Question for development
Ans: a

Q4 The are of benchmarking get identified
a- with the passage of time
b- by the auditors
c- from arrange of processes
d- as soon as the audit is over and the reports are received

Q5 Business operation rotates
a- measure
b- analysis
c- production
d- growth

Q6 Deming defines qualities in terms of
a- quality of process
b- quality of design
c- quality of conformance
d- quality of people

Q7 check sheet is
a- a simple recording machine
b- a simple checking machine
c- a process method
d- a simple recording machine

Q8 Each business is driven by
a- market
b- its vision
c- managing director
d- people

Q9 Planning process is initiated by
a- inputs
b- control
c- outputs
d- customers

Q10 Assessing the level of effectiveness of the quality management is the priority of leadership (T/F)

Q11 ISO revision is planned in 2008 (T/F)

Q12 The imperatives for the business in this century are
a- leadership style at the CEO level
b- economic
c- social
d- environmental

Q13 Planning is now an important tool (T/F)

Q14 An auditor must listen through
a- feel
b- see
c- gossips
d- hear

Q15 Your thinking and ideas need to be developed as the subject of quality

Q16 A model is conceptualized by the people in the organization (T/F)

Q17 Identification is essential
a- for people to align with the organization
b- for entry into organization premises
c- To know who and what we are
d- Because HRM demands it

Q18.The principle of concentration of forces is selecting the territory of market in a limited way to ensure full deployment of resources (T/F)

Q19.Organisation design process--------------to prove its ability to accomplish purpose of organization
a- acceptance
b- approval
c- validation
d- testing

Q20 The judgment on effective helps management to -----------own performance

a- validate
b- safeguard
c- critise
d- benchmark

Q21 The observations helps in making list of
a- profit and losses
b- strength and weakness of the processes
c- asset and liabilities
d- rules and regulations

Q22 Process of continual improvement led to enhancing
a- profits
b- need for adoption
c- production targets
d- performance in future

Q23 Annexure of ISO 14001 deals with how to go about hazard identification and the assessment and control of risk (T/F)

Q24 -----has objective fro assessing quality in the outcome
a- plan
b- vendor
c- customers
d- Staff
Ans: a

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